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    Haywards - Gavin Sowry

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    Da duo

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Product supplies by category 1:64 scale

This schedule provides a list of manufacturers and suppliers of New Zealand modelling products

Listed manufacturers supply models to 1:64 scale. Products for other scales are listed separately.


 Kit Construction

Talk to your manufacturer for their recommendation on potential assemblers



Kensey Plastics


 Locomotive kits

Online Models

Railcar Company

Prototype NZR  Models

NZ Finescale



  Carriage kits

South Dock

Cross Creek

Black Bar

NZ Finescale


 Wagon kits

NZ Finescale

NZR Scale Models

Car & Wagon Models

Cross Creek

South Dock

Prototype NZR Models

Station Road

Trackside and Railmaster



Riverside Models

City Depot Models


 Structure kits




Marks Model Works

NZ Finescale

Classic Line

Northyard Model Railway Parts

Prototype NZR Models

VCC Models



NZ Model Railway Guild


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