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    Haywards - Gavin Sowry

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    Da duo

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Forums, email groups, newsletters, and blogs

Here are some other model railway blogs and forums which may be of interest to keep you in touch with fellow modellers. (Note that any views and opinions offered through these forums are not the views or opinions of the NZ Model Railway Guild, its Executive or its members.)

The UK Model Shop Directory - http://www.ukmodelshops.co.uk/  Some interesting links you may find of use

NZ120 Group website - http://www.nz120.org 

NZ48 - a new scale for modelling NZR prototypes - information here

NZ48+ Standards 2019 - download here

Lawrence Boul's Blog is HERE

Rhys Batchelor -  http://motoriseddandruff.blogspot.com/

Lewis Holden - http://nzr120.blogspot.com/


Model railway group newsletters
NZ Association of Model Railway Clubs - The Limited
NZR Modellers Group (Christchurch) Newsletters
On Facebook

New Zealand Model Railway Guild NZMRG on Facebook

New Zealand Railway Modellers On Facebook

Railways of New Zealand Modellers On Facebook

A more comprehesive list of NZ Facebook groups is HERE


Yahoo email groups as follows:

Yahoo groups is no longer hosting user created content. Some groups have been transferred from Yahoo Groups to a new group called groups.io 
Yahoo Groups links have therefore been deleted from here.
https://groups.io/g/nz-rail-geography - about exploring the railways of New Zealand past and present

https://groups.io/g/sscalelist - a forum for those who model in S scale (1:64)

https://groups.io/g/Ausnarrowgauge - for modellers of narrow gauge railways of Australia or elsewhere

(Note that you need to register to be able to take part in the discussion and have access to the photos that members have posted.)

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