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A New Modelling Scale for NZR Prototypes

A Group of New Zealand Railway Modellers are developing this new New Zealand Modelling Scale to complement existing scales.   As the name suggests, the scale is 1:48, or 1/4 of an inch to the foot, commonly known as O Scale (US).   However, as the New Zealand Prototype uses a gauge of 3ft 6in, the scale track gauge is 22.23mm.

NZ48 fills a void between the current NZR prototype model scales, allowing good detail but still small enough to fit a reasonable layout in your average bedroom or garage.   It also enjoys the huge advantage of being able to use the vast range of vehicles, figures and accessories already produced in 1:48 scale for model railroaders and doll-house miniature enthusiasts, plus shared opportunities with those currently modeling in the 1:48 scale of On30.

The aim is to work to Prototype fine scale standards.   For those who wish to avail themselves of commercially available Flexi-Track, Points, Track Gauges, etc, Standard ā€œSā€ Scale runs on a track gauge of 22.42mm (only 0.19mm over scale for NZ48).   Tests indicate it is feasible to run rolling stock to the NZ48 fine scale standard on standard S Scale track.   The best of both worlds.

Further information is available in the December 2014 edition of the Journal

We are looking for Manufacturers and Modellers who are interested in helping us develop this scale as a viable option for NZ Modellers

If you are interested in helping, please contact:

Greg at krisalys@outlook.com, or Fergus at drydoc@xtra.co.nz


Join us on the NZ48 Yahoo Group


NZ48  -  NZR Prototype in ā€œOā€ Fine Scale

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