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Members only area - rolling stock

This section of the website is only available to financial members of the NZ Model Railway Guild and is provided as an additional feature included with your annual subscription.

The links below provide additional Journal material which relates to articles in recent Journals.  The material may be additional photographs and/or plans and drawings which can be downloaded.  Please note that pdf files can be quite large.  We have noted alongside each link the file size.

Jc wagon - Jc5051 sheep wagon restored and in operations at Pleasant Point Railway - photos suppplied by Thomas Kissell

'British-type' La wagons - additional detail drawings to support the article in the March 2017 Journal can be found here

MCP Container tank wagons including drawing of revised manlid - Journal issue 388, December 2014

6000 gallon tank wagon sign writing six varieties of sign writing from different petroleum companies to accompany the article featured in Journal issue 384 - December 2013

Class J wagon leaf spring additional drawing to accompany the article featured in Journal issue 381 - March 2013

Class P hopper wagons additional photographs to accompany the article featured in Journal issue 380 - December 2012

Class W wagons, additional photographs to supplement the article in Journal issue no. 379 - September 2012

Container well wagons drawing and photographs from Journal issue 378 - June 2012

GST / TST and GSY Box Containers  (featured in Journal issue 376 - December 2011)

NX 1 Experimental flat-top wagon (featured in Journal issue 374 - June 2011)

SK Container wagon (colour versions of the photogrpahs in the article featured in Journal issue 374 - June 2011)

Class CE coal wagon  (featured in Journal Issue 371 - September 2010)

Class FC log wagon  (photos by Trevor Cheer)

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