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ISSUE 254 - OCTOBER 1989

(Note: The number 254 has been printed in this issue in error - should be issue 255)

Peter Ross Photo: Robin Knight’s 3/16 (1:64) coaling crane Cover

John Rappard Car & Wagon: Wagons galore! Building a string of La and Lc wagons in NZ120 scale p6

Journal Jewels: 1:64 scale Robin Knight models, coaling crane, PWD Fowler and Davenport, etc p10

Bob Stott Plan: Diagram of Westinghouse pump piping p12

John Rogers Locomotivery: The Mills A, a most long lived locomotive (1:34) p13

Terry Bradley Fifties Focus: Auckland industries 1952 p16

Paul Berntsen Photos: Black Creek roundup p18

Les Downey Plan and photo: Stothert & Pitt crane Whangarei p19

Paul Berntsen Tools: Minidrills p22

Russell Postlewaight Car & Wagon: Up Black Creek on the narrow gauge – Ea car p24

Postbox p27

Book Reviews p27

Club Chat: Auckland, Nelson, Southland p28

Turntable: Brief notes p28

John Agnew Our Heritage: Converted Burrell, Foden bush lokeys, Robinson 0-4-0 Seaward Bush p27

Kevin Crosado Plan and photos: Tar or bitumen boiler p32

Bob Schmidt Layout Ideas: Central North Island p33

John Agnew Our Heritage: P Mosgiel, Early Outram, Kelso, Timaru p34 254/Oct 89

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