• Haywards - Gavin Sowry

    Haywards - Gavin Sowry

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    Da duo

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ISSUE 294 - JUNE - JULY 1996

The Culcreuch Branch                                   Ian Galbraith

The Big Picture                                           

Guild AGM                                                  

Convention Competition Results                    

Journal Jewels - Paul Napier's 9mm scale Sawmill

Heritage - Caroline Bay                                  Kevin Crosado 

Sunstroke                                                     Ken Cassells  

DX 5448                                                        Darryl Palmer  

Canterbury Rails                                            Bill Cousins

Station Profile: Hornby                                    Colin Barry 

Modelling Hornby                                            Brent Hopley 

Christchurch NZR Modellers Group                 

NZGR Wagon Handgrips & Footsteps       Kevin Crosado 

Fifties Focus: Christchurch Collection       Graham Radcliffe

North Junction and Signals                       Rod Murgatroyd 

Nineties NZ Rail: Wellington-Manawatu      Darryl Bond 

Book Reviews: Narrow Gauge Down Under         

Profile: Bill Pierson                                         


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