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What's happening with the NZ Association of Model Railway Clubs?

Who is the Association? What does it do? You may well ask.
For those not familiar with the Association, it was established in 1967 as an incorporated society to represent and act on behalf of model railway clubs who joined as members. The longer history of why the Association was established can be found HERE
The various roles for which the Association was established have changed considerably over time and not all are now relevant. The Association Executive Committee has over the last several months, developed two alternative approaches to refocus the Association for the future. There is a third option which is to wind up the Association as being an organisation which is no longer required.

What are our options?

Railway modellers throughout the country may be interested in what the furture might hold under these two alternative arrangements. Both are detailed on the Association website here - www.nzamrc.org.nz
For conventience, the two options are attached here:
  1. Proposal to revitalise the Association - Revitalisation Q&A

  2. Propoal to form a Trust to support ongoing Conventions (Q&A included)
Members of the NZ Model Railway Guild will be provided with a further update via email in January 2022 and in February will be provided with the opportunity to respond to a survey. The results of this survey will guide the Guild's representatives at the Association AGM in Christchurch at Easter 2022 when the final decisions will be made.
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