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The 9Mill Store

This Shop site is a temporary hosting for The 9Mill Store. The products on this page are not Guild products and the Guild has no responsibility for anything ordered from this site. 

The 9Mill Store stocks high quality 1:34 Scale (9mm to the foot) models manufactured by Car & Wagon. Car & Wagon is a cottage industry which designs kits for New Zealand Railways prototypes in 1:34 scale. The kits can be ordered on this site and the orders will be passed through to The 9Mill Store. The prices on this site are retail prices and Guild member discounts are not available.

Contact Terry Bradley directly - the9millstore@gmail.com

The Guild is undertaking this hosting exercise to see if there is interest in other cottage industries having their products hosted on their own labelled website which is hosted in the background by the Guild. If you are interested in having your products hosted, please write to secretary@nzmrg.org.nz



La-2 steel highsider 9mill scale La-2 steel highsider 9mill scale

The La-2 steel high-sider was my second kit. Handmade brass patterns from 1983 and reproduced...

U-3 bogie wagon 9mill scale U-3 bogie wagon 9mill scale

Stocks have arrived for the U-3 kit. The kit comes completes with bogies, wheels, bearings and...

Ma 4-wheel wagon 9mill scale Ma 4-wheel wagon 9mill scale

Car & Wagon's latest complete kit is for the common Ma four wheel wagon B.P. 4020 Stocks...

BP97 freight bogie BP97 freight bogie

The BP97 freight bogie was designed as part of the U-3 project. This one is equalised around a...

Throw-over points lever Throw-over points lever

  Throw-over points lever. Operates exactly as the prototype version. Can be set up for...

Financial members of the Guild receive a 20.00% discount.
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