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Car & Wagon's latest complete kit is for the common Ma four wheel wagon B.P. 4020

Stocks have arrived. This boxed kit consists of the following components:

  • 1 x brass etch incorporating solebars etc etc
  • 1 x brass etch incorporating other stuff
  • 2 x axles fitted with disc wheels from North Yard
  • 4 x roller bearings
  • 4 x springs
  • Maybe some wire
  • NZR couplers and sidechains
  • 2 x brake hoses
A representation diagram is here (note this is not a scale drawing)
Full instructions (ten pages) can be downloaded here
Email carandwagon@gmail.com for further details
Please note that this is not an operational website page - it has been set up as a demonstration.

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Ma 4-wheel wagon 9mill scale

PRICE: NZD $185.00 was $0.00


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