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ISSUE 394 - JUNE 2016

NZ Model Railway Journal Issue no. 394

June Journal 2016

JEWELS - A 1:64-scale model of Ja.1274 built by Kelvin Barry and photographed by Grant Morrell

NZR IN 1:148 SCALE - Rueben Romany repurposes overseas models for a convincing replica of the local scene

NE FOUR-WHEEL FLAT-TOP WAGON - Darryl Palmer models a short-lived wagon class in 1:64 scale

NE WAGON  – THE REAL THING - NZR drawing X 29393, photographs and notes

JACKSON’S POST OFFICE - Kevin Crosado provides photographs and details of a modellable building with a railway connection

RAILWAYS @ THE RACECOURSE CONVENTION 2016 - Peter Ross tells how he had a really good time at Easter

SHORT PLATE GIRDER BRIDGE SPANS - PWD drawings 38182 and 38381 of 1915 along with photographs of layout-sized bridges

NZAMRC 2016 CONVENTION COMPETITIONS - Kevin Crosado photographed the competition entries at the Easter model railway convention


Overseas lookalikes provide a convincing representation of CB wagons at the coal mine on Mark Rawdon’s 1:148-scale freelance West Coast town of Cascade. Peter Ross took the photograph.


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Issue 394 - June 2016

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