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    Haywards - Gavin Sowry

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NZ Model Railway Journal Issue no. 388

This month:

JEWELS - Alec Fenton’s 1:64-scale tin-belly van photographed by Peter 

TWELVE SQUARE WESTIES - A non-competitive competition described and photographed by Graham Dredge

BERTHA - Paul Berntsen tells how he built a 1:19-scale Orenstein & Koppel 0-4-0WT

OCEAN ISLAND FLORENCE - Twenty horsepower Orenstein & Koppel 0-4-0WT drawn by Peter Dyer

SIGHTS OF THE SEVENTIES - John Le Cren took his view camera to the Kaikohe Branch in March 1970

THE UK (AND OTHER) WAGONS – PART TWO Continued from June, Brendon Lean shows how to weather 1:64-scale wagons

TRACKLAYING MASTER CLASS: PART TWO Graham Venning reveals his secrets for good-looking, reliable track

A USEFUL TURNTABLE/TRAVERSER - Stephen Duffell shares his clever arrangement for manoevring locomotives in a fiddle yard

MCP WAGON - BP drawings C6834 and C10981 / NZR drawings OP2389/6 and OP2389/2 courtesy of NZR&LS Archives

MCP CONTAINER TANK WAGONS - Photographs and details of some interesting four-wheelers compiled by Kevin Crosado

MCP DIAGRAM - NZR diagram Mcp-1

1:48 – A NEW SCALE ON THE BLOCK? - Peter Ross outlines developments in a relatively new (to New Zealand) scale


ON THE COVER - Paul Berntsen’s 1:19-scale model of Orenstein & Koppel No.1411 Bertha photographed by Kevin Crosado


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Issue 388 - December 2014

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