• Haywards - Gavin Sowry

    Haywards - Gavin Sowry

  • Dc4588


  • Da duo

    Da duo

  • B303



DFT7077 Kopikopiko                                                                 Lawrence Boul

Jewels – A class 0-4-0                                                               Wayne Brindle

Kopikopiko                                                                               Mike Boutle

Lineside – The Machine Creek vats                                             Reid McNaught

A Dubs A in 1:64 scale                                                                    Wayne Brindle

The XB hopper wagons of the WAGR/NZ                                   Stuart Mackay

An effective inexpensive spray booth                                            Les Downey

A prototypical Canterbury flour mill                                               Stuart Walker

Ellis & Burnand Ongarue van drawing                                         Paul Napier

McEwan, Pratt railcar                                                                       Robin Knight

McEwan, Pratt railcar, body drawing 5329                                   NZR & LS Archives

McEwan, Pratt railcar, details drawing 5330                               Richard O Metz, Rich Weyand

NZR’s first railcar                                                                             Kevin Crosado

McEwan, Pratt railcar, underframe drawing 4688 

Heavy duty freight bogie, drawing X26446

Christchurch NZR Modellers Group                                             Peter Ross

Trade news/reviews                              

Wairarapa words                                                                             Ian Galbraith

Fifties Focus – Ongarue bridges                                                  DLA Turner

Station Hotel Kopikopiko and yard                                               Lawrence Boul


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