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NZ Model Railway Journal Issue no. 375  

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This month:

JEWELS - Kevin Crosado photographed Raoul Quinn’s portable stone crusher

RUSSELL SMITH’S LAST LOCOMOTIVE - Tony Simons describes the 1:64-scale model of E.66 that Russell Smith was working on at the time of his death

GET MORE FROM YOUR DIGITAL CAMERA – PART ONE Peter Ross introduces the basics of model photography with a digital camera

KST WAGONS - Darryl Palmer brings us up to date with his techniques for 1:64-scale models of some once-common four-wheelers

A VERY SIMPLE DC TRACK CURRENT TESTER - Les Downey shows us an easy way to check that our track is alive

HAMILTON MRC’S NZR MODULAR LAYOUT - Neil Ward shares some recent photographs of a fine 1:64-scale layout

A 1:64-SCALE PEDESTRIAN OVERBRIDGE - Keith Collins described how he modelled a very characteristic feature of many steam-era NZR stations

LATRINES – PWD 29719 Drawings and photographs of a standard part of the NZR scene dating from 1911

50 & 47½ FT MAIN LINE CAR VERANDAH RAILS Drawing Y 7309 of 1922 courtesy of Trevor Cheer

BRAKE VAN VERANDAH RAILS Drawing Y 8554 of 1926 courtesy of Trevor Cheer


BUILDING A JOURNAL COVER - Kevin Crosado describes some simple scenic techniques

COVER - C.857 was caught passing through Pokaka at last year’s cultural convocation. It’s a 1:34-scale model by Paul Berntsen photographed by Kevin Crosado

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Issue 375 - September 2011

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