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    Haywards - Gavin Sowry

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    Da duo

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(Note: The issue number 250 is printed in this issue in error and the month on the cover should be February as on the Contents page)


Crosado Photo: Bob Stott’s Johnson A class Cover

Karl Morris Car & Wagon: A Ud wagon in 9 Mil (1:34) (includes plan) p6

Club Chat: Nelson, Hamilton, Whangarei, Christchurch, Auckland p11

Chris Bradley Techniques: L-girder baseboards p12

Plan and photos: NZR G class horsebox p14

Terry Bradley Fifties Focus: Subbies at Swanson, J1211 Parnell Tunnell, J1211 Auckland p16

Trevor Jones/Darryl Smith Plan and photo: Bedford MCD bus p18

Trevor Cheer Plan, text and photos: Dsc shunting loco p19

Wayne Brindle Car & Wagon: Side chains and air hoses (includes sketch) p23

Paul Berntsen Tools: Flame soldering/making steps p24

Peter Ross Perspective: Beginnings – a descent into railway modelling p26

Journal Jewels: Raoul Quinn wagons, Colin Zeff A and vans, Terry Bradley Hunslett Y p28

John Agnew Our Heritage: Midland L Moana, A66 fitted for track inspection, P268 Mercer, F and train Ross p30

Jim Staton Prototype: Bush tramways roundup p32

John Agnew Our Heritage: J84 Frankton, J83 Christchurch, V126/V127 near Owaka, p34

Postbox p36

Turntable: Brief notes p37

Trade News: p37 251/Feb 89

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