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    Haywards - Gavin Sowry

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    Da duo

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ISSUE 253A - AUGUST 1989

(Note: The number 253 has been printed in this issue in error - should be issue 254)

Brian Eastergaard Photos: A scene on Brian Eastergaard’s HO layout Cover

Brian Eastergaard Scenicking: Backdrops that live p6

Kevin Crosado Text and photos: Plumbing the depths – exhaust steam injector p10

Russell Postlewaight Layout Ideas: Up Black Creek on the narrow gauge – Potpourri p12

Paul Berntsen Locomotivery: Portland Peckett in 3/16 (1:64) scale p14

John Kerr Fifties Focus: Recalling Jb1229 derailed near National Park p18

Alan Craig/Kevin Crosado Plan and text: Early R wagons p19

Trade News: Etched brass G wagon kit p23

Postbox p25

Club Chat: Christchurch, Auckland, Hamilton p27

Paul Berntsen Turntable: Brief notes p28

Ray Funnell Modelling 2ft gauge in 9 Mil (1:34) scale p29

John Agnew Our Heritage: Early Dunsandel, Invercargill roundhouse 1883, F78 Waihao Downs 1885, K94 Timaru p30

John Agnew Our Heritage: Rangiora panorama 1935, F12/F11 Waimak Gorge, F13/F78 Otarama 1903 p34 253/Aug 89

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