• Haywards - Gavin Sowry

    Haywards - Gavin Sowry

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  • Da duo

    Da duo

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(Note: The number 256 has been printed in this issue in error - should be issue 257)

Raoul Quinn Photos: Rimu yard, Mike Lough’s 1:64-scale layout Cover

Bob McCully 1:22.5 Layout: An LGB venture in Canterbury p6

Russell Postlewaight Locomotivery: Up Black Creek on the narrow gauge – B class 4-8-0s p11

Graham Radcliffe Trackwork: Timaru wharves p11

John Agnew Rail History: C car found at Donnelley’s Crossing p14

Reg Ellison Scenicking: Simulating water p15

Terry Bradley Fifties Focus: Auckland wharves area 1952 p16

Wayne Haste Locomotivery: Modelling the B class double Fairlie p18

Jack McClare/Bob McCully Plan, text and photos: B class double Fairlie p19

Graham Venning Postbox: Trackbase and cork ballast p24

Club Chat: 3/16 NZR railfans p25

Books p25

Trade News: Dynamic Diesels Kc wagon, 9 Mil (1:34) F class loco kit, etc p26

Ian Galbraith Club Chat: Pokaka report p28

Peter Wood Journal Jewels: G gauge Garratt p25

John Agnew Our Heritage: B class Fairlies p30

Paul Berntsen Car & Wagon: Wagon equalisation p32

John Agnew Our Heritage: Auckland wharves in sailing ship days p34

Hugh Stockbridge Report: Wbs move North p36

Kevin Crosado Tools: Working with epoxy adhesive p37

Graham Radcliffe Trackwork: Burnham single slip p39 256/Feb 90

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