• Haywards - Gavin Sowry

    Haywards - Gavin Sowry

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  • Da duo

    Da duo

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Kerry Willard Photos: A scene on Kotanga 1:34 Cover

Paul Berntsen Layout Ideas: Starting out, part one p6

Paul Napier/Bob Stott Plan and photo: NZR Mamaku bush jigger p9

Kerry Willard 1:34 Layout: The Kotanga railway p10

Postbox p14

Books p14

Trade News: South Head coaling crane, Dynamic Diesels Nc kit p15

Fifties Focus: Climaxes, 1650 Ongarue, Pukemiro; 522, 898 Mangapehi p16

Plan and photo: The Bagnall Tr p18

Colin Zeff Locomotivery: Let’s build an Ab part two, the locomotive p22

Richard Hudson Electrics: Electronic model signalling systems part 2 p27

John Agnew Our Heritage: Bush scenes, Climax 522, Climax 1650, Ongarue scene p30

Club Chat: Sydney, 3/16 NZR railfans, Pokaka ’90, p32

Turntable: Brief notes p32

John Agnew Our Heritage: Manunui sawmill, Ongarue camp, Ongarue tram bridge p34

Russell Postlewaight Buildings: Up Black Creek on the narrow gauge – Coal mines p36

Graham Radcliffe Trackwork: Addington single slip p38 263/Feb 91

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