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    Da duo

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ISSUE 264A - JUNE 1991 << OUT OF STOCK >>

(Note: Vol 45 issues restarted at issue number 261)

 Brian McKenzie Photo: John Harrison’s Kb on the Christchurch MRC’s portable 16.5mm layout Cover

Max Maginness Car & Wagon: Building a Uga wagon in Sn3½ (1:64) p6

Paul Berntsen Layout Ideas: Starting out part two (sic) laying track p6

Kerry Willard Locomotivery: Johnson 0-6-0 tank in 1:34 p12

Kerry Willard Products: Ilford XP1 film p13

John Darlington Rail History: Unique NZ railway wagon transporter p14

Noel Maginnity Car & Wagon: Equalised wagon chassis p15

Fifties Focus: Peckett pair Portland, Climax 1650 Ongarue, Uc365 Stillwater and north of Greymouth p16

Trevor Cheer Plan and photos: Price Tr shunting tractors p18

Dave Harris/Les Downey Plan and photos: La-4 wagon p23

Paul Napier Plan, text and photos: A 9 Mil (1:34) Natrass rail tractor p24

Postbox p27

Books p29

John Agnew Our Heritage: Unloading O hopper Westport, K92 Pomahaka, South end Frankton 1903, R272 Christchurch p30

Journal Jewels: Bill Cousins’ 3/16-scale (1:64) models, Ua117, coaling crane, E3199, A421 p32

John Agnew Our Heritage: Hyslops D cars, D137, D139, D26, “drovers” F van, F10/Ep2501 p34

Club Chat: Wellington p36

Turntable: Brief notes p36

Q&A: Filling joints in whitemetal kits p36

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