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ISSUE 352 - JUNE 2006

Graham Venning’s etched Q hopper

Peter Ross

Jewels—Neil Andrews’ Edison battery railcar

Neil Andrews

The Edison battery electric railcar

Neil Andrews

Edison battery railcar, part one

Kevin Crosado

Edison battery car, proposed, drg Y7955


Edison car, body clearances drg Y7954


Sound—adding another dimension to our world

Graham Dredge

Loksound—a Westie update

Ken Cousins

A few thoughts

Scott Shadbolt

NZ Finescale Q wagon

Graham Venning

8 ton coal hopper, drg 1974

Glen Robertson

Conversion of old box hopper underframe, drg 2251


The “first” Q wagons, part one

Kevin Crosado

Obituary—Maurice Charles Duston

Ian Galbraith, Paul Berntsen, Kevin Crosado

News, views and reviews


Vehicle news—Q hoppers

Kevin Crosado

NZ Finescale Q wagon photos

Peter Ross


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