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    Haywards - Gavin Sowry

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    Da duo

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ISSUE 338 - OCTOBER 2003

Jewels—Kiwified shops

Wayne Brindle

A tale of two buildings \

Wayne Brindle

Lineside—retail therapy


Moutohora in miniature

Bob Hepburn

Heritage—Rimutaka 125


“An ill-favoured thing, sir, but mine own”

Bob Stott

Ellis & Burnand bogie flat plan

Paul Napier

Fifties Focus—Taita electrification 50th anniversary

Kevin Crosado

The U class locomotive

John Brouwer

U class 4-6-0 general arrangement drawing 1690 of 1896


U class 4-6-0 pipe arrangement drawing 1691A of 1896


U class 4-6-0 valve gear arrangement drawing 1562 of 1893


U class 4-6-0 firebox fixings drawing 1628 of 1893


Model U locos

Brian Cross and John Brouwer

Balancing steam locomotives

Keith Collins

News, views and reviews


Fifties Focus—Heislers at the mill

Ray Mathewson and Mark Cole


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