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Origins of the NZ Model Railway Journal

A print medium for NZR modellers started as a few pages in the NZ Railway Observer in August 1944.  The NZ Railway Observer is a publication of the New Zealand Railway & Locomotive Society (NZR&LS) which is published bi-monthly.

By 1946 these few pages had grown into a separate supplement to the NZRO called "THE MODEL RAILWAY - Supplement to the NZ Railway Observer".  Volume 1 Number 1 of the supplement is dated August 1946 and it was then published as an insert to the NZ Railway Observer until December 1947 - as follows.

  • Vol 1 No1 was 4 pages
  • Vol 1 No 2 was 6 pages
  • Vol 1 No 3 was 4 pages
  • Vol 1 No 4 was 6 pages
  • Vol 1 No 5 was 6 pages
  • Vol 1 No 6 was 8 pages and it continued as 8 pages until replaced by the NZMRJ.  (There is an issue dated June 1946, which may be a typo as it is also shown as Volume 1 Number 6.)

In December 1947 the NZ Model Railway Association was set up separately from the NZR&LS with the intention of publishing The NZ Model Railway Journal. (The NZ Model Railway Association became the NZ Model Railway Guild in July 1967.)

Volume 1 Number 1 of "The NZ Model Railway Journal" is dated February 1948 and it was also published bi-monthly.

Notes taken from Maurie Duston's article, "50 years of the Journal" published in the August 1996 issue.


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