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ISSUE 267 - JUNE 1992


Brian McKenzie Photo: Richard Rowe’s 9 Mil (1:34) scale model of Wa165 Cover

New Guild Executive: Robin Knight, Peter Ross, Allan Guy, John Gardener, Wayne Mills, Graham Radcliffe p6

Nelson Kennedy Locomotivery: Life after 3ft drivers – Making 57in driving wheels in 9 Mil (1:34) scale p7

John Gardener Locomotivery: Quartering drivers (driving wheels) p9

Karl Morris Report: 1992 Wairarapa convention p11

Brian McKenzie Photos: Dunedin Station, Rhys Batchelor, 1:120 scale. Wa 165, Richard Rowe, 1:34 scale. p12

Brian McKenzie Photos: W192, Nelson Kennedy, 1:34 scale. Davidson P “Weka”, Neil Andrews, 1:34 scale. p13

Brian McKenzie Photo: Hoskins Creek on the Christchurch TTn3½ modular layout, 1:120 scale. p14

Graham Radcliffe Fifties Focus: Wab803 Parnell Bridge, Ab661 Palmerston North, Ab704 Matata, new Dg’s Summit p16

Paul Andersen-Gardiner Layout Ideas: A beginner learns, thoughts on building a layout p18

Wayne Haste/Peter Hodge Car & Wagon: Stoker kits revisited: p19

Cedric Green Plans: 44ft second class car BP2536, 44ft second class car BP1733 p20

John Gardener Perspective: Scenery – learning from plastic modellers p22

Plan and photos: Kc, K and X wagon painting and lettering p23

Plan and photos: L wagon painting and lettering p25

David Lowe Layout Ideas: Starting out part eight (sic) – More reference sources for buildings p26

Brian Cross Obituary: Geoff Hodgkinson UK Guild representative p29

Club Chat p29

Graham Radcliffe Our Heritage: New Plymouth c1910, 1912, “Josephine” Mangaweka Viaduct and on work train p30

NZAMRC model competition results p32

John Agnew Our Heritage: Gilbert Bush cars, Dunedin 1945, Palmerston 1945, Waimak Gorge 1884, Buckhurst 1925 p30

Trade News p36

John Gardener Tools: New uses for old files p36

Don Weston Photo: Clear view of Ja coal tender front p37 267/Jun 92

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