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ON THE COVER - Terry Bradley’s 1:34-scale model of TR27 was photographed passing through Pokaka by Kevin Crosado.


"More than just a place of work"

The latest book published by the NZ Railway & Locomotive Society, written by Ian Dougherty
"Standing tall in South Dunedin, Hillside Railway Workshops was a significant employer and generator of tradespeople for 138 years.
Now available: NZ $65.00   AU $74.00   NA $94.00   EU $94.00   ROW $96.00

"Bayswater Harbour Ferries"

David Balderston has just published 75 numbered copies of "The Bayswater Harbour Ferries of Auckland to Takapuna", his second volume tracing the history of the Auckland harbour Ferries


Issue 396 - December 2016

December Journal 2016 JEWELS - Ken Cousins’s 1:64-scale models of Queensland imports photographed at Pokaka by Kevin Crosado. (See extra photo in Journal Jewels under GALLERY)... Read More >>

Issue 395 - September 2016

September Journal 2016 JEWELS -  Colin Zeff’s 1:34-scale models of A.62 and a bush truck photographed at Pokaka by Grant Morrell. NOTES ON A MODEL WINDING HOUSE - ... Read More >>

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Railways @ the Racecourse

Railways @ the Racecourse - a review by Alex Smith Some people feared that the significant 25th 2016 convention may not go ahead, however all came right when the announcement of the venue and... Read More >>

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From time to time on one of the Facebook groups some great ideas are developed. We thought that we might capture some of these and post them on the Guild website.  They are raw and... Read More >>


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More than just a place of work

Latest book release published by the NZ Railway & Locomotive Society and written by Ian Dougherty "More than just a place of work" Standing tall in south Dunedin, Hillside... Read More >>
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